Sample Assignments

Change Management

Brought in to recover a failing Commercial Transformation programme (covering bid support, procurement and subcontracting). Successfully managed the recovery using Prince2 methodology. Established the business requirements and a plan to deliver them; gained stakeholder engagement and, with key stakeholders, developed the business case and obtained approval for its execution. (Public Sector)
"One of the most challenging assignments I think I have come across.... always excels and delivers, as in this case." - Clive Sexton, Director, Interim Service, Veredus

Post-acquisition merger/creation of a new procurement organisation pending the appointment of a permanent Head of Procurement. Delivery of synergy savings that underpinned the business case for acquisition. (Food Industry)

Brought in to manage an underperforming divisional team within a CIPS award-winning procurement transformation programme pending appointment of a new permanent Head of Procurement. Raised divisional performance while reducing head count by 15%. (Food Industry)

Design and implementation of a new Change Management Process & Systems; transforming new product developments and launches from chaos to a programme of prioritised, controlled projects. (Food Industry)
"Innovative and impressive solutions to complex process issues, brought to life with off-the-shelf software.” - Mark Harper, Change Programme Controller, Premier Foods

Analysing requirements and developing a strategy for the integration of UK distribution operations of two global businesses following a major acquisition. (Chemicals Industry)

Supply Chain Strategy

Developing and implementing the warehousing and distribution strategy for 125m UK subsidiary of a FTSE 100 company, in compliance with pan-European business initiatives. (Speciality Chemicals)
"Brought a clarity of thinking and number of ways of looking at our problem, together with a set of experiences that we did not have internally. I am very pleased with the result." - Neil Hufton, Managing Director, DiverseyLever

Development of procurement strategy for support services valued at 1.5bn to a services organisation. (Public Sector)
"A complex assignment to develop and initiate a 21C sourcing and procurement strategy, executed to a very high standard.” - Satish Nayer, Director, RSM Robson Rhodes

Strategic purchasing review for $1.1bn pan-European division of a $6bn global company; dealing with all categories of raw materials, consumables and services totalling 70% of turnover. (Packaging Industry)

Facilitating development of a purchasing strategy for a UK multi-site business, based on analysis of its value chain. (Packaging Industry)


Set up category management for warehousing and logistics, establishing Group procurement across 100m spend formerly vested in Supply Chain Operations. Introduced best practice models for sourcing, contract management and supplier incentivisation. Ran tenders for 5 logistics contracts, annual value 40m. (Food Industry)

Leading a cross-functional team to enhance engineering procurement, stores & maintenance systems. (Manufacturing)

Skills assessment for purchasing managers; coaching in strategic purchasing techniques; writing personal programmes for further training. (Various)

Briefing for sales managers and key account directors - "Strategic account and relationship management from a purchasing perspective" - in support of the development of key account (sales)strategy. (Speciality Chemicals)

Procurement of electricity and gas supplies for UK subsidiaries of multinational companies; contract values from 20k to 5m. (Various)

Procuring warehousing and distribution services for a new, dairy-based food product launch in UK and Belgium; designing the demand management process to drive production planning. Contracted in the wake of a stalled initiative that was putting the entire business launch at risk. (Food Industry)

Supply Chain Operations and Logistics

Recovery of a high-profile regional distribution project that was “off the rails” financially and in timing. (Food Industry)

Setting up a new Materials Supply organisation; developing and implementing new forecasting and planning systems to cut redundant stock and improve availability. (Food Industry)

Post-implementation audit of bulk distribution contract. Made recommendations to cut costs by 10%. (Chemicals Industry}

Operational review of the supply chain, proposing new control systems for €40m French business. Provided information and control systems to optimise management of demand and the supply processes. (Fmcg supply chain)
"Impressive ability, from a quick tour of the warehouse and planning office, to expose many of the underlying issues. These were solved largely by showing us how to extract and use data already in our systems." - Terry Mountford, Operations Director